Good quality

I don't know why some people don't like this gun! It fires staples up to 1'' and brad nails up to 1-1/4''. If you use an extension cord definitely makes the gun weaker, so I suggest using a short extension cord and 12gauge cord at least if you do need. and most of the nails get all the way in. I just had to finish a few of nails with a hammer.

The idea is, it's a very convenient gun for small projects. You can only get so much out of electric gun with these things. Otherwise you have to get an air gun with more power.
So, don't expect a perfect product - but if you can use 1-1/4" nails for small projects, this gun works great!

It does help if you don't use any extension cord, and you apply pressure to the top of the gun head while you sink the nails - take your time with the nailing and they'll sink in all the way.

Anyway - for small and quick projects, this thing is amazing! For the convinience and the price, I'm definitely rating this 5 star.
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