GREAT Customer Service!!!

I used this tool for a few tests around home, and it worked well. It drives full lenght brads and staples into hard wood flush with the surface. I bought it to use on a project on my houseboat and so I didn't try to use it again until 2 months later. The 110 volt power on my houseboat comes from a 12 v battery bank and a 3000 watt dc to ac inverter. The tool requires instant power when the trigger is pulled, but the power from inverters ramps up to meet demand so this tool does not work off an inverter. Customer service over this issue was OUTSTANDING. Sparta tool was VERY RESPONSIVE and sympathetic to the issue. I highly recommend the tool and company...just not for remote power applications using an inverter for AC power. I switched to the cordless battery powered version for my houseboat project.
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