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Our Certificates

When it comes to tools, we understand your relentless pursuit of superior standards in quality and reliability.

We take immense pride in presenting to you a selection of crucial product certifications and endorsements that underscore the exceptional quality of our offerings.



CE Compliance Certification

Our products have earned the CE Compliance Certification, indicating their alignment with European safety, health, and environmental requirements. Rest assured, our tools are suitable for use in projects spanning the globe.

NTC0040      NTC0060       NTC0070      NSG0060



Intertek Certification

We proudly showcase the Intertek Certification, highlighting our commitment to excellence and safety. Intertek, a leading global testing and certification organization, rigorously evaluates our products for quality, performance, and compliance with international standards. This certification serves as a testament to our dedication to producing tools that not only meet but exceed expectations.

 HG0080     NHG0140      NSG0110      NTC0023


Behind our product certifications lies an unwavering dedication to quality and reliability, a commitment to providing you with outstanding tools.

We firmly believe that only the highest standards of products are deserving of your professionalism and craftsmanship.