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Pneumatic Staple Gun NPT50

Pneumatic Staple Gun NPT50

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🔹【Pneumatic 20 Gauge Staple Gun】Our NEU MASTER's air-powered staple gun drives 20 Gauge staples, accepts 6 T50 sizes: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 9/16”, 17/32”. Includes 1500 staples.
đŸ› ïžă€Wide Applications】Ideal for woodworking, upholstery, flooring, molding, roofing, picture framing, and DIY projects, including pet houses.
🔒【Professional Safety】Operating at 70 to 110 psi (max pressure 120psi), features a contact safety to prevent accidental start.
💡【User-Friendly】Easily set staples, clear jams tool-free, quick-release 100-staples magazine. Comfortable rubber grip handle.
đŸŒŹïžă€360° Rotatable Exhaust】Adjustable cover directs air flow, keeps contaminants away from delicate surfaces.
đŸ‘©â€đŸ’Œă€After-Sale Service】Enjoy peace of mind with our 12-Month Warranty & 24/7 customer service. We offer a 30-Day Return & Replace Policy to prioritize your satisfaction! 😊

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Joshua Taylor
A beast. Much better than I expected.

Decided to give this T50 air stapler a try. The hand staplers don't survive long on a job site, and the hammer staplers are only good for limited tasks. This turned out to be a much better stapler than I expected.I wanted a stapler that used T50 staples because they are available at any hardware store, lumber yard, or big box store. That's the kind this stapler uses.I've used the stapler with 5/8" leg staples on hard southern yellow pine and dense plywood. It drives the staples without a hitch, and leaves the crown flush with the surface.I generally run my nailers on 100psi air, and I'm using this stapler at that pressure, too. The stapler already has the most common type of quick connect installed, same as I already use, so that was easy.Haven't had a jam yet. It's a very simple mechanism - there are not many ways it can go wrong. If it does jam bad enough to require disassembly, it's not a quick open head like most nailers, it requires the removal of two cap head screws. The required Allen wrench is included in the case.It comes with a small bottle of oil, but it's pretty useless. Once you open it, there's no way to seal it back up again, so you can't put it back in the case, it will leak all over the place and make a mess.When I first tried to use the stapler, I thought it was broken. I followed the loading directions in the manual, but after closing the magazine, the staples rattled around and the stapler always dry fired. It seemed like something was wrong with the tension spring, so I disassembled the magazine. In doing so, I discovered the directions are incorrect. Instead of loading the staples on the magazine rail, they need to be dropped into the bottom of the open magazine (see pictures). Then, when the magazine is closed, the spring engages the staples and pushes them into the driver head.So far, this thing has stapled everything I've thrown at it, and I've had zero jams. It replaces both hand and hammer staplers as long as you don't mind dragging an air hose behind you, and is, so far, much more reliable. Amazingly, it doesn't cost much more than a hammer stapler. Wish I'd got one long ago.

Noah Anderson
Great price. Light weight and easy to use.

I got tired of using a hand stapler it was killing my wrist. and this pneumatic staple gun is perfect for upholstery. I used this staple gun to attach the bottoms of my dining room chairs that had been recently reupholstered. Loading staples is also super easy and intuitive. I'm using the staple gun with a compressor set to 90psi the staples were applied with ease and took only a few minutes to complete. Professionally constructed and performs well. The grip is comfortable and light. and it's small enough to fit almost anywhere. For the price, I don't think you can beat this stapler. I'm so glad I bought it instead of the manual one I was considering. Awesome awesome tool. The day it arrived straight out of the box I shot staples for hours. I have just shoot of 800 staples through this gun so far, and no issues. I'm using Arrow T50 Stainless Steel staples, 3/8". These are technically 20 gauge, they work fine. Not one misfire, not one jam. I've never used another pneumatic staple gun before so I don't have anything to compare this with but I can't imagine needing a different one. Easy to operate and worked flawlessly. It was pleasured come with 1500pcs staple and carry case, the case is convenient for storage and can also be carried to anywhere. I am happy with the purchase, Loved the price on this. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. I have only used it a short time to do an upholstery project, the staples went through all the fabric and batting and into the wood with no problems. The stapler does have a manual safety that prevents pressing the trigger when engaged. I will note that you have to press it pretty hard into the material you want to staple before it will fire, But that is a safety feature that I appreciate. Great staple gun at a great price highly recommended.

Alexander Gonzalez
Good Deal

I have another similar gun that I also bought here on Amazon about a year ago, but it's mostly used for brads and finishing and doesn't do staples well so I figured I should add this to the collection. I have to say I'm very pleased with the quality of it. It's a good, sturdy stapler that uses common staples that can be found just about anywhere unlike other brands that use proprietary staples.The case is quite handy for storing (good way to keep dust out of your pneumatic tools) and it also comes with several accessories - couple of wrenches, oil bottle - but best of all a wide variety of staples. This is quite handy for someone who may not already have the appropriate staples and they didn't skimp on the quantity either.As for the gun itself it's very nicely formed, good grip, and easy to use. Now I wouldn't say this a heavy duty gun, as in if you were a contractor rigorously putting it through it's paces everyday. This gun is better used for things like reupholstering and general purpose. I don't think it would perform very well on hardwoods, but anything like pine or softer should be fine. All in all I'm very pleased with it.

Andrew Young
Nice Staple gun, easy to use.

Picked this staple gun up to save time and my wrists while putting up chicken wire. It comes with T50 1/4", 3/8", 5/8" Staples. I used the 5/8" Staples and had no issues putting up more than 50ft of chicken wire. The staple gun worked great the whole time, no jams or issues. Loading staples is very easy. Come with a nice case to keep everything secure.

Samuel Wilson
Awesome staple gun, better than expected

Not very heavy for a pneumatic gun but is solid and the light weight makes it easier to use.Wasn't expecting much, but was quickly amazed at the dependability and efficiency of this gun. I just press it into position and pull the trigger. Using air power and it puts staples in with a breeze and at a perfect depth. It’s lightweight but super effective. A safety interlock prevents accidentally firing staples unless this tool is pressed firmly onto the work. Loading staples is simple and intuitive ( nice that the 1500pcs staples were included). Thus far I have experienced no jams or misfires, and i can firing it single or bump fire when using. Priced will be higher than manual staple guns, but it's worth the money, this one is a good to own and operate.Very happy that it have a bottle of lubricating oil. Add just two or three drops of oil to the air intake of air-powered like this one at the beginning of each job keeps them going smooth. I also appreciated that a carrying case came with this stapler.Love this pneumatic staple gun from NEUMASTER! Five stars and highly recommended.