It works and is worth the price

For a low cost nail gun, this works well enough. Took the generic 18 gauge nails I used without a jam so far (knock on wood). But... this is NOT a pro gun.

The capacitor that is used to build up a charge in this is low grade. This means that A) nailing into a hard material will cause the nail to not penetrate and B) if you are on a non-dedicated circuit (i.e. other live devices are on the same circuit), using a low amp extension cord, or

I can't emphasize enough that the electricity supply matters. I tried this without an extension on 15A circuit shared with only low-wattage lights and a 20A dedicated circuit and it only worked well on the 20A circuit.

If you are doing light occasional work and willing to use a small headed hammer to finish the few that don't go in, this is fine. If you are seeking a pro application with any hardwood or commercial metal studs, upgrade.
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